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Why you should Practice Poverty
By Investment Moats  •  February 10, 2016
In recent days, it was reported that the Methodist Welfare Society will be conducting a poverty simulation workshop for the participating members of the prestigious country club Singapore Island Country Club (SICC).
Called a poverty simulation exercise, the workshop was advertised in the Singapore Island Country Club’s (SICC) members magazine, and is set to be held next month. Typically conducted for schools and volunteers, it is the first time Methodist Welfare Services (MWS) is holding the workshop for a country club. Participants will be called upon to role-play and manage challenging scenarios, like supporting a family and making ends meet on a meagre income while juggling health issues.
This workshop garnered very mixed reviews, but the public was generally not impressed judging by this post from the New Paper,  republished at AsiaOne.
One netizen, Maurice Simon, wrote on Facebook: “To think that you can engineer human emotions like empathy and ...
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By Investment Moats
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