Apple is everywhere. You read about it on the news, you use the phone / laptops/watch, and even Warren Buffett has invested in the company.

Shares of Apple Have Soared 9% Since Warren Buffett Revealed His Stake (read here)

Well, this post incidentally is not about the Apple company. I like their products. I once had an Apple phone, and now using a Samsung Android phone (and I think Apple is more user friendly to a tech idiot like me).

I once wrote about my trips to the shopping malls, as trips to the battlefield (see below). It is after all, a place where I can do a bit of ‘scuttle-butting’.. checking out how the stores are doing (lots of traffic & sales vs no traffic at all), new stores opening or closing, etc.

A trip to the battlefield and after-thoughts (read here)

This post is rather about the  …