You have followed Heartland Boy’s tips on which HDB BTO project and unit type to bid for. Now you have gotten your queue number and are monitoring with bated breath as the units available for sale get whittled down each day. Not to worry, Heartland Boy is going to leverage on his professional experience in the real estate industry to give you some tips on how to choose your HDB BTO unit. Ah, finally some credibility for once.

Heartland Boy is going to use St George’s Tower, a HDB BTO project in Boon Keng, as a case study. This is especially relevant since he has already invested considerable amount of time, and money, into St George’s Tower.

Diagram 1: Site Plan of St George’s Tower (Credit: HDB BTO)

Walk the Ground First and Foremost

If there is only 1 thing that you can remember from this article, it is …