Is it time to invest into these stocks now?
By Singapore Stocks Investing (SSI)  •  August 17, 2016
So, we had Brexit; we had stocks markets reacting to Brexit and the effect, as what many had thought was not as worst as what it could have been. And now many in the stocks markets thought that after this “knee-jerk” reaction, markets have rebounced since the whole process of Brexit as well as possible similar “exits” from other European countries would also have a long “gestation” period. For some, this is the time to enter into the Singapore stocks markets to buy stocks. For others, while they would like to invest, they are looking for a margin of safety since stocks markets have been quite dynamic; and to do so: they settle for large-cap stocks, stocks which are at least a billion dollars in Singapore dollars market capitalization and which are trading low. So how low is low? Well, while there is no absolute definition, many would think that ......
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By Singapore Stocks Investing (SSI)

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