Keeping the Singapore Property Dream Alive
By Singapore Property Blog  •  June 14, 2017
By Property Soul (guest contributor) Business Times published a property feature recently that highlighted ‘the seven year itch’ of Singaporeans investing in properties. The property itch is in the DNA of Singaporeans who like new launches and equate owning properties with being rich. Properties represent a significant portion in the wealth of Singaporeans. The performance of the local property market is a key indicator for the health of our economy. It is the pride of the nation and the self-esteem of the citizens. The Singapore property dream The Singapore property dream goes far beyond housing and having a roof over our head. To many of us, property is the source of motivation to toil from dawn till dusk – to save for the down payment of the first flat, to pay off the 30-year mortgage, or to reward ourselves after years of hard work. While Singapore has evolved from an ...
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