This is an addendum to my previous post (which was just yesterday actually):

TTI Bought >$100K Worth Of Equities In July… Howard Marks’ Memo Better Don’t Come True Right Now!

I’ve received quite a number of queries regarding options, particularly on how I structured them. While I’ve replied every email and comment, I’d just summarize and clarify some points in this very quick and short addendum.

With regards to the Brazil ETF (EWZ), well, I guess I’d just take the lazy way out and cut and paste what I wrote on IN on the 9th June 2017:

Now, with regards to how to structure a position… all I can say is: Just use common sense!

There are many many “strategies” with damn fancy names: Long Straddle, Strangle, Covered Collars, Iron Condor blah blah blah.

I used to study each in detail until I realized, hey this is …