For the first time ever, we held a Market Insights Seminar that consisted of 3 key speakers, each with a different forte in investing methodology.

We got the experts into one special setting, bringing them offline to connect with retail investors to widen their investing knowledge and acumen.

Special thanks to presenters @TUBInvesting@BrennenPak@marubozu for sharing their views and insights on the market!

The audience also got to participate in the panel discussion, where they actively asked the experts on the burning questions they had as investors.

We’d like to thank everyone who participated and attended our seminar. Also, special thanks to @CIMB_Securities for providing us with the venue.

Events like these don’t happen very often. Don’t wait till the next event to get your market insights, because there’re continuous discussions in our community of investors. Here’s an invitation to join our community and network of investors who’re actively sharing. It’s free and most importantly, these …