TL;DR: You Should Definitely Switch To SIM ONLY Telco Plan

(Updated 30 August 2017 to reflect the New SIM ONLY plans launched by Starhub and M1)

It may be convenient to extend our telco plan every time it becomes available for a re-contract, but this simple hack can help save you money and gives you the freedom of choice for the next 2 years.

Most Singaporeans might be on a wrong mobile plan costing them hundreds every year. We found this out when we were debating on our Personal Finance facebook group where everyday Singaporeans just like us, shared one of their biggest fixed expense each month – Mobile phone bills.

The Best No-Contract SIM ONLY Plans:  For 3GB: Singtel – Their plan is the most value for money at only $20 per month. (Note: No talk time) For >5GB: Starhub – Their 9GB plan wins at $44 per month with the additional …