Jobless sounds negative. As if you can’t find or hold on to a steady ob.

Unemployed is worse. Now people assume you got fired or retrenched… No employer wants you…
Some may say there are “in between jobs”. Good try. People are not fooled. They straight away think you jobless or unemployed. LPPL.
So what to tell others and at the same time can make ourselves feel good? Never mind they are little lies we tell ourselves?
1.  I’m studying; I’ve gone back to school.
Ego feels better right? For the next 1 to 3 years, no need to stress or worry about finding a job. That’s until the course ends…
Then its reality bites again… Still, its a good stop gap measure against prying relatives during CNY. 
2.  I’m financially free!
You are living off your savings and investments. In the meantime, you try to put on a brave front until you find a new job.
Have you noticed quite a few have started their own small businesses, yet instead of acknowledging they are now business owners, they like to still claim they are “financially free”? 
Being a business owner so shameful meh? Unless…
3.  I’m a stay-at-home dad or mom (or bum).
You are living off your working spouse or parents…
Hey! If they don’t mind, why should we care?
I personally find its very cool, provided its because you want to; not because you do it as a form of “escape”…
4.  Sabbatical from work
I like this the best!
“Retired” sounds too old… Like we’ve been put to pasture…
Sabbatical “officially” meant you are still employed but have taken time-off to pursue your own interests – with either fully paid, part paid, or unpaid leave.
Since all snake-oils like to take creative license with words, I’m no exception!
So I say I’m taking sabbatical from fulltime work.
Which gives me lots of wriggle room. Wink.
Words are powderful
No way I’ll tell anyone I’m jobless.
Or unemployed.
Or retired.