The Beginner’s Guide to Analysing Financial Statements – Balance Sheet
By ProButterfly  •  February 6, 2018
by: Tam Ging Wien When read with begin with A...B...C..., when we sing with begin with Do... Re...Me... That at least how the song lyrics go. But when we want to understand and assess the financials of a stock, we need to begin with the 3 financial statements, namely: In our last "The Beginner’s Guide to..." series, we covered the The Beginner’s Guide to Understanding The 3 Financial Statements. After having an understand of the 3 financial statements, we continue the series with analysing these financial statements in order to understand the financial health of a company. In this post, we will be learning how to analyse the Balance Sheet. Do read the previous article first before continuing as it will give you a firm foundation of the 3 core financial statements. Balance Sheet Current Ratio This is a simple ratio of the current assets over the current liabilities. Current liabilities ......
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By ProButterfly
Tam Ging Wien has been an avid equities and real estate investor for over 10 years. His passion for financial education and training stems from a desire to help others help themselves achieve financial freedom. In 2017 he published his first book entitled REITs to Riches: Everything You Need to Know About Investing Profitably in REITs.

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