Having being fresh out of the oven from 9 months of investing, I finally got a mini bite of how a bearish stock market is like.

For the first time, I opened my MySGX app and all the stocks were red!

Only on Friday, things started to become slightly optimistic and recover again. Can this is considered a correction? But it only lasted a few days…

How did my portfolio do? Time weighted returns are negative, and underperformed the STI. -1.46% against 0.03%. I am actually doing badly in 2018. That’s not very nice.

Indofood Agri dropped 5.57%, and the other two red counters are SGR and CDG as expected. Surprisingly, my small cap counters like Keong Hong and Tat Seng Packaging were going strong. They are far from being in the red.

What to do now?

For me, I intend to leave the stock market with all the action