To further understand more about reading financial statements, here is the pdf copy of a guide to reading financial statements: Download here
Financial statement as below: Financials FYE 30 Jun
30 Jun 2015(audited),30 Jun 2016(audited),30 Jun 2017(audited)

(Revenue 2015:$22,121,189),(Revenue 2016:$40,818,446),(Revenue 2017:$58,522,060)

Revenue: It is also known as sales, is how much money a company brought in for a particular quarter or year. A solid company could see its revenue increasing year by year unless there is a one-off event As you can see down the financial statements, the revenue is gradually increasing year by year making this a solid company, hence I will give it another +1 (Cost of sales 2015:$27,135,367), (Cost of sales 2016:$42,795,026),(Cost of sales 2017:$51,009,862)
Sometimes known as the cost of goods sold, it is the expenses directly involved with creating the revenue such as raw materials, service, and labour E.g in a factory, cost of sales refer to electricity bill require to operate the machinery, fuel for transporting the workers etc(A little unsure about it myself also as there