According to a recent survey by TD Ameritrade, 53% of millennials believe that they will become millionaires. But, we all know that hard work alone isn’t always enough to become wealthy. To be financially successful, you need to meticulously plan ahead, take risks, work hard and get lucky.

Don’t Look for a Passion, Look for Something You Are Good At

Many career advices will often suggest people to combine their career and their passion. However, this is often highly unrealistic and actually counterproductive for a number of reasons. First, mosts people will never really realize what profession they are passionate about. Also, most “passions” tend to be related to hobbies without true job prospects. For example, 80,000 Hours showed that 90% of students are passionate about sports, arts or music, while only 3% of jobs are available for those fields. Not only that, people’s interests often change over time …