Okay, I admit it: I love The Greatest Showman.

Folks are talking about Crazy Rich Asians right now, but my Spotify list is still playing tracks from The Greatest Showman like “Come Alive” and “Rewrite the Stars”. I may or may not have jammed out to them while doing housework on several occasions (To my neighbours: Sorry you had to see that).

One of my favourite songs in the album is “The Other Side”. It’s not just a catchy song – if you look closely at the lyrics, it showcases some pretty good negotiation tactics.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the scene from the movie:

Context: Hugh Jackman (who plays circus owner PT Barnum) has started a circus but is now ridiculed among the upper classes for his outrageous entertainment. Zac Efron (who plays the fictional character Philip Carlyle) is a young aristocrat who is fascinated by the circus …