How are you all tonight? 
As you probably know, Sunday morning is my usual time to let my mind run amok and deliver you all a generous slice of my thoughts. But, here we are on Tuesday, and I find myself drawn inescapably to my Blogger account. What is going on? 
Am I witnessing the early signs of a massive breakdown? 
Is my life going to implode and spiral embarrassingly out of control? 
Am I becoming a social deviant? 
LOL! I think not.
All this frantic typing could has its roots in more fertile soil (or so I hope). Perhaps sub-conscious desires to become a better writer or, even, a better person, are pulling me ever more frequently towards the keyboard, for it’s from here I spill my inner thought onto the ‘page’ for you to read. 
If you enjoy my spontaneous outbursts, I reach out and shake your hand. If you think my blog is about