Fool’s Gold: 1 Man’s Asset, Another Man’s Liability

You’ve probably heard the news by now – what with Bitcoin’s crash to its newest adjusted closing price of US$4,197.46 (as of 1st December 2018). Representing an approximate loss of 68.78% from its initial closing of US$13,444.88 in 1st January, it’s no wonder global investor confidence has dipped in direct response.

Similarly, Ethereum has also experienced a decrease of approximately 85.01% from its initial closing of US$756.20 in 1st January. Coupled with increasing securities regulations in response to the cryptocurrency “bubble”, investor tensions are high.

TL;DR: Quarterly Projected Earnings

Ever wondered how much wealth you would have generated if you had invested in any of the cryptocurrencies at the beginning of year? Correspondingly, ever wondered how much losses you would have …