How many things in 2018 have you heard the following?: ‘Tony Robbins is amazing! You just have to check him out!’ ‘Tony Robbins changed my way of seeing the world. Do you know him? He’s powerful. Check him out. I’ll lend you a book.’ I have heard words of this nature at least five times this year, and not just from credulous types. So, the question is why does this man have such a passionate following?  What do his books contain that appeal to so many?  I needed to investigate. After a glowing report from a friend, I bought ‘Awaken the Giant Within’, a tome of a book, from a second hand book shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Eagerly, I shuffled through the baking back streets, ice cold Chang in hand (Go on Thaibev!) looking for a shady place to sit and read.  I settled under an arboreal freak called ‘The Giant’. Beside me,