To all my readers and blogger friends: Happy New Year 2019. My portfolio final number for 2018 is out. Return YTD was -0.85%, XIRR YTD was -0.88%, and XIRR since inception dropped to 4.25%. I’m contended with the portfolio performance considering market globally was not doing great this year. My portfolio also beat 73 out of 74 balanced fund unit trusts. Total portfolio value was $690,090.54 and total loss for 2018 was $5,892.11.

I received dividends of $128.99 in the month of December. Total dividends received for 2018 was $10,565.68, a 2.9% increased compared to to total dividends received in 2017.

Date Securities Name FCY SGD
21-Dec-2018 Royal Dutch Shell PLC-B (GBP) 32.47 56.19
26-Dec-2018 BP PLC (GBP) 41.92 72.80


Equity allocation was at 31.20%, while bond & cash allocation was at 68.80%. I sold 2 bond ETF: ABF PAIF (USD) and CSOP China Ultra Short Term Bond (HKD) with the intention to consolidate the bond holding into Fullerton Short Term Interest Rate Fund C and United SGD Fund.

Link to Yaruzi’s low cost portfolio as of December 2018