I received the online CPF statement in my inbox this week – the yearly statement with colourful charts and breakdown. I blogged about my CPF balance in 2017 here.  CPF is one of the tools which you should use for your own retirement needs. It is almost “risk-free”, hence you should “hack” it to the max.  I am extremely pleased to see the balances in the OA, SA and MA accounts increasing nicely ? and i am pretty sure it will hit $1m by the time i retire. You can and should use it for your retirement planning too. So how did my CPF “performed”?  I received $23,749 as interest income in 2018 and spent $1,004. As you can see, other than for the medical premiums, I did not use it for my housing. Currently, the all-in costs for my housing loan is below 2.5% and i pay