Hyflux has released its offer to bondholder, perpetual holders towards restructuring of the company after the Tuaspring’s offer. 

Details of Offer for Perps and Pref Shareholders

To summarise, Hyflux has offered to exchange the $900 million in value for Perpetuals and Preference shareholders into 10.26% of the restructured company + a $27 million cash repayment.

Based on Salim action of injecting $400 million to obtain 60% of the restructured company, it can be seen that 10.26% of the company, worth roughly $67 million, was given to perpetual and preference shareholders. This means Preference and perpetuals holders will get about $94 million back for their $900 million

While the CEO and board of directors has made a goodwill gesture by giving their shares to retail holders, I think the current deal is not good to the current group of perpetual and preference holders and should be voted against. 

Voting “No” to the restructuring may result