Photo from Bankingsense I’ve been investing in property since 2013 and stocks/bonds since 2015, and I’ve found a way to generate around $40,000 Singaporean from equities. This is only part of my passive income. I also have property: 3 houses, 10 apartments and something else I call my secret weapon.  This I won’t reveal today. Thus, as you can imagine the passive income from the property side of the portfolio is decent as well. It feels good not to rely 100% on the dictates of equity markets as I march into the latter stages of my 30s. When I started out on this journey about 10 years ago, my plan was to retire by 40, but the way things are now, I feel 45 is more realistic.  I’m happy with this actually as it gives me more time to shore things up and make sure all the pieces are