During my daily morning train ride to office, I would often look around and observe what others are viewing on their phone. Very often, I look to my left and right (sometimes front), commuters will be scrolling Facebook, Instagram, or messaging on Whatsapp.

FB has indeed become so well-ingrained in the modern lives of many people. Throw a stone on Orchard Road and it will be hard to hit someone who is not a user of FB/Instagram/Whatsapp/FB Messenger.

FB just released its Q1 2019 earnings Thursday. Let’s take a look. Even if you are not an investors, it would still be interesting to understand the scale of this social media behemoth.

*all dollar figures quoted in this article is in USD, unless otherwise stated

Its Business

FB is the largest social networking company in the world. It probably has the most number of users too. But how does it earn