Long story short : 1.67¢ per mile — skip this post if it isn’t attractive to you. This is not a sponsored post.

Citi PayAll is a Citibank payment utility. I can now pay rent, school and enrichment expenses, taxes, condominium management fees and electricity bills using my credit card via the Citi PayAll feature for a small fee – which is 2% in my case. The cool thing is that, these payments will be able to earn miles!

I did a couple of screen captures while using the app, since it was my first time as well.

Step 1.

To start using Citi PayAll, I logged in to my Citibank SG mobile app (I use an Android phone) and tapped on “Payments” > “Citi PayAll”.

Step 2.

I then selected taxes.

Step 3.

Tax reference number would be my NRIC.

Step 4.