Today is 7 of July 2019 – 07.07.2019. A whole 12 years has passed. My first post was horrible 😫 and my last anniversary post was here!
I started this blog with a very simple intent, to blog about why i decided to punt an IPO or not and this blog has actually grown to have a life of its own 🎉  It ‘s really quite heartening to see the readership base growing to 7,154  albeit the growth has slowed to a single digit 4% in 2019. 🤕  I will need to find some ways to improve 🆙 the growth rate again.  The poor growth rate is probably a reflection of the poor IPO markets in Singapore that affects my readership bases and lack of good quality companies seeking listing in Singapore. Other than REIT sector that is still going strong, the market cap of those de-listings probably outweigh