Prime US REIT announced that it has allocated 40,909,000 Units for the retail offering versus the 16,761,000 units disclosed in the prospectus. The balloting table is as presented above, where everyone who applied received a very “meaningful” number. Those who applied below 99,900 units received full allocation and only those who applied above 100,000 received a partial cut back. In any event, i think everyone got more than what they “bargained for”, didn’t expecting the bookrunners to increase the amount for retail offering by “re-allocating” from the placement tranche.  It is funny why Prime US REIT never announced the results for the entire offering, including the placement tranche…. 🙄 The Manager also announced that over-allotment of 22,727,000 Units were exercised for “stabilisation” purposes.  Good luck to those who applied.