I decided to go to Mapletree Industrial REIT AGM this year as I was considering to keep or divest this counter.

This would be a short one, as I was, very unhappily, disrupted by sales call (which I mistook for something else) from Investing.com/Alexo who kept insisting on his service when all I wanted when I registered was to have push notifications of news related to my watchlist on the app. I do know what he is talking about but I don’t think he really knows what I am talking about, so I gave up, and just ended the call and blocked him.

Unfortunately, it had to come during the time of Q&A and by the time I shook him off, Q&A ended. So sad.

So let’s get started.

Management is strongly and mainly focused on the Hi-Tech Building segment which focuses on precision manufacturing and tech, basically shifting assets towards higher