For those of you using TD Ameritrade (TDA) or Thinkorswim, I was previously informed by their team that FAST SGD funding can be now done, so we can avoid all the fees from the damned Telegraphic Transfers.

You have to use a DBS account (I’ll try with my POSB account, I think it should work).

The link is here.

The steps are:

You will need to contact them via email or phone to register your interest at +6568232250 or After that, provide a bank account statement from the account to send money. TDA will verify your account and provide you with a bank account number to transfer funds Indicate your 9 digit TDA Singapore account number on the column, “My name, for display on recipient bank statement” for easy reference.
A few notes:
Do note that no third party deposits will be accepted (your bank account name must match the name you used