I belong to the group where I cannot use my PSEA (Post Secondary Education Account) funds to pay for my studies as I studied at a private university.

PSEA funds can’t be used for anything except education. And doing a Master’s degree or PhD doesn’t seem to be useful for my career (for personal development, reading books are enough).

So it always irks me that the funds are stuck inside the account earning 2.5% per annum like the CPF OA. Makes it worse, considering that for the SAF 1st Milestone award, $3000 goes inside.

Per policy, the PSEA funds are released to you after age 30 and before age 31. Even after Skillsfuture was previously said to end the PSEA scheme and unlock funds to us early. Perhaps because the government realised that the utilisation of the Skillsfuture is poor compared to the PSEA.

Before, the funds are released in batches twice a year; Now