The year is 2019. It is a time of magic and wizardry (whizkids). All over the world, wizards have been clandestinely gathering to summon mythical beings from their summoning circles.

Lately, it has been artifacts after artifacts. Strange, columnar objects have begun materializing from the ground up from the summoning circles. These aren’t just isolated cases. There have been reports that objects bearing similar characteristics have appeared all over the world (blockchain).

At first, society was baffled and adopted a cautious stance, eyeing the columnar objects from afar. As hesitancy gave way to curiosity, they began to poke and prod it with various tools. It came as a surprise one day when someone found out that writing tools worked on these objects. What made it all the more miraculous was when those same words were found replicated across objects bearing similar characteristics (distributed ledger). Try as they might, words, once written, could