Hi everyone! It has been a long time (about slightly more than a month)! We just came back from Canada recently and it was so pretty! We flew to the USA on Cathay Pacific First Class due to the error fare
Visited the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC
Niagara Falls from the Canada side
We rented a campervan to travel around
Moraine Lake in Banff National Park (Our favorite!)
Keep a lookout for CZM’s travel posts! They will take a while though because we are still pretty busy with our house renovation (there were some complications/miscommunication between the ID and carpenter -.-) and planning for our next trip (RTW). You can read more about the RTW trip here – Quick Update – Too Busy to Blog.

Our portfolio increase by 0.20% to a new high $421,644 – $7,939.82 of capital injection and $7,093.64 of capital loss. The one in blue is