FSMOne introduced regular savings plan for ETFs on 13th November 2019.  FSMOne’s investors is able to buy into 40 ETFs listed on SGX, HKEX and US stock exchanges at a low investment amount of S$50* monthly. Commission rates are at only 0.08%, subject to the minimum amount for the various exchanges at S$1, HK$5 or US$1 respectively.

What is Regular Savings Plan and Dollar Cost Averaging

Regular Savings Plan allows investors to buy into ETFs (usually) or stocks on a regular basis with just a small sum of money. Dollar Cost Averaging comes to mind when an investor invests using a Regular Savings Plan. An investor will be able to buy more units when prices are low and less units when prices are high. This results in the cost price to fluctuate. With Dollar Cost Averaging, the average cost price will definitely be lower in a bear market than if