Nowadays, when I thought of Kingsmen Creatives, they remind me of NERF. This is because the NERF Action Xperience (“NAX”) Arena is open at Marina Square on 4th October 2019. Spanning over 18,000 square feet in Marina Square, the world’s first NAX arena is an edutainment-inspired Family Entertainment Centre designed to encourage active play and teamwork.

Now, back to Kingmens Creatives 3Q2019 financial results. I thought my eyes was playing a trick on me. Revenue fell slightly by 1.2% to S$90.85 million. However, net profit fell by a whooping 93% to S$115,000.

3Q2019 Financial Results 3Q2019




Change Revenue 90,847 91,975 (1.2)% Gross profit 19,304 18,740 3.0% Net profit 115 1,632 (92.95)% Earnings Per Share (EPS) (cents) 0.06 0.82 (92.68)%

Kingsmen Creatives is made up of four business divisions. They are the Exhibitions and Thematic division, Retail & Corporate Interiors division, Research & Design division and