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image.jpg1026×576 195 KB New to Citibank credit cards? Sign up for any of these three cards and get extra $200 cash reward via PayNow. All cards have first year annual fee waived and no spend required for the bonus cash reward Citi PremierMiles Card Citi Cashback Credit Card Citi Rewards Visa Card

Christmas has come early this December! With an opportunity to get a cool $200 cash reward (via PayNow) from SingSaver if you apply and are approved for any of the above 3 Citibank cards by 31 December. This $200 bonus cash promo is only available for new-to-bank customers, defined as those who have not held any Citibank credit card over the last 12 months – you still qualify even if you are holding other Citibank products such as a savings account or loan/investment products.

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