I got my letter today about my pay increase and bonus. It’s bad and worse than last year. Looks like banks did cut the salary raises and bonuses of their staff after all in response to the worsening virus situation. They just didn’t announce it because their view is that it’s still better than salary reductions and no bonuses. Which is not wrong.

I don’t blame my bank for taking the initiative to cut costs because it is trying to preserve the jobs in the event of a long and drawn out recession. But I’m still upset with the hard work and effort I had put in last year not amounting to much. It’s a disappointing outcome and I feel angry & frustrated at how I was undone by something entirely out of my control.

Yes, I know it could have been worse and I should be happy that I still got a salary increase & bonus. But people are just trying to make me feel better about a shitty situation that I feel cheated by.