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Bench marking myself against STI and World Index:

STI index: -18.52%
World Index: -10.83%
My Portfolio: -8.90%

Three years trailing:

STI index: -17.17%
World Index: 7.05%
My Portfolio: 8.4%

Last three years trailing was semi decent since I transitioned out of bonds completely by end 2017. Year to date, I managed to outperform STI index by 9.62% and World Index by 1.93%.

Portfolio composition:

Comments on some of the counters I have recently added:

Sunevision operate and own the largest data center in Hong Kong. With more people working from home, more bandwidth demand will need to be met. They have also secured land for further capacity expansion in Hong Kong.

Pacific Century owns 22.7% stake in PCCW and $278mil of HKT at cost in their books. The dividend contribution from them give Pacific Century close to $100mil worth of free cash flow every year(12% free