Apr2024 Finance update – Monthly Dividend/Interest received $10K
By GlobalPassiveIncome  •  May 8, 2024
Apr2024 Dividend/Interest received from my investment and retirement account is about SGD $10058. The higher than expected dividend was due to early distribution of FCT.  Dividend and interest income were collected from more than 30 over counters and ETFs in April. YTD portfolio performance improved to 1.36% and 3.13% if dividend is included. I am satisfy with this low +ve performance as my overall portfolio has been drag down by my S-Reit portfolio that is sitting on a -16% paper loss. The overall YTD performance has been pulled up by my US and HKSE portfolio. Trade in April I added about $19k of new shares in Capitaland Ascott , Keppel Reit , , and BTI. I did some balancing to replace some Baba shares with but added the unrealized loss of Baba to the cost of the new counter. This is just easier for me to assess the overall HKSE portfolio performance. 2017 to 2024 Monthly Dividend/Interest earned from Investment Portfolio :...
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By GlobalPassiveIncome
Started fixed income investing with the aim of collecting consistent dividend and interest monthly while protecting my principle capital. I invested mainly in reits ( local and overseas), MLP (overseas) , US bonds and preferred stock (or perpetual shares). For my overseas investment, I spend quite some time researching securities that will avoid withholding tax. Currently achieved 62K annual dividends and interest. My target is to achieve SGD100K or USD75K passive income before I retire in my early 50s.

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