I am putting everything aside this noon to blog, taking this as a therapeutic task away from life and work.
We are currently in a unique history of events and majority of them are bad. It may also be good if we look at it as a long-awaited correction.
Today, I will be sharing my investment changes and what I have been doing during these maddening times. The work-from-home schedule has certainly made time pass by faster that we are already now in April. Although time passing fast is nice (especially when we are slogging at work), it also means the current circuit breaker will continue to affect many businesses and the society negatively.
We can never have the best of both worlds?
Investments & Finances
I have underestimated the impact of Covid’19 initially, thinking that it will subside in a while. This is due to the lower fatality rate compared to SARS. However, Covid’19