I usually get new readers asking for the best way to buy US Stocks as a Singapore investor.

We’ve covered this in the past, but I figured it would be good to do an updated, standalone article since some things have changed since.

Basics: How to buy US Stocks as a Singapore Investor

Very simply – you need a brokerage account that gives you access to US stocks.

Once you have that account, you need to fund it, and then you can proceed to make your trade.

So the simple answer to buying US Stocks, is to get yourself a good broker.

How do we evaluate brokers?

Broadly, we look at the criteria below:


There are 3 main types of fees to take into account:

Stock Commissions – Stock Commission is basically the amount you pay on each trade. These are really important when you’re investing smaller amounts, but less important as the amount per trade goes up. The difference