a2 Milk Company Ltd (ASX: A2M) is one of Australia’s best-performing stocks. If you had bought shares in 2015 after its listing in Australia’s market, you would be sitting on a gain of over 3,000%.

In this article, I’ll take a look at how the company got to where it is and what’s in store for the future.

A checkered past

a2 Milk Company may be one of Australia and NewZealand’s most successful business stories, but its journey has been anything but smooth.

a2 Milk Company is actually the successor of the much-maligned A2 Corporation, which was co-founded by scientist Dr Corran McLachlan. In 1994, McLachlan began his research on the effects of milk consumption and heart disease and concluded that there was a correlation between A1 beta-casein protein (found in milk) and ischaemic heart disease, childhood type 1 diabetes, and other ailments. 

Inspired by his research, McLachlan co-founded A2