What Is The Jobs Support Scheme (JSS)?

Due to the period of reduced business activity caused by the Circuit Breaker.

The government will co-fund between 25 to 75 per cent of the first $4,600 gross monthly wages paid to each local employee for 9 months.

FYI: your gross monthly wage is the amount you get before deduction of employee CPF contribution and personal income tax

How much support your employer will get depends on which sector you’re in.

 Amount of Wage SupportWho Will Receive the JSS? Aviation and Tourism
(Tier 1)75% of first $4,600 gross monthly wagesAirlines

Airport ground handlers

Airport operators

Qualifying licensed hotels

Qualifying licensed travel agents

Qualifying gated tourist attractions

Cruise line and cruise terminal operators Food Services
(Tier 2)50% of first $4,600 gross monthly wagesLicensed food shops and food stalls (including