Re-post as I am revamping my portfolio page to show links to updates instead of wiping it every time my portfolio changes. It will be easier for readers and me to follow how the portfolio evolves.

Put together through the latest monthly statements available, as of 29 Mar 2020.

Bond Portfolio

Do keep in mind that total sum includes leverage, so actual sum in is around $300,000. It also doesn’t take into account the huge drops in March 2020 yet.

Stock Portfolio

Priority banking Portfolio

This also includes leverage, so discount by 70%. The profit/loss is 100% real though.


Man I don’t even know. It’s scattered across a few accounts, and I really don’t track every dollar. My wallet has $20 bucks now.

Total net worth?

Dunno, it’s troublesome to calculate. I’m not defined by my monetary net-worth anyway. You can add the stuff up