Read? When Warren Buffett Sours on Goldman Sachs, Time to Worry

The crisis has spooked America’s forever optimist so much so that he’s fled the airline industry entirely, and now even certain automobile and banking stocks, according to a regulatory filing Friday detailing Berkshire Hathaway Inc.’s investing moves for the first quarter. This included dumping 84% of Berkshire’s stake in Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and reducing its JPMorgan Chase & Co. position by 3%. Buffett, 89, said proudly just two weeks ago that he thinks “nothing can stop America,” but it’s getting harder to believe him. 

Uncle8888 is looking forward to add more Panadols from Singapore local banks as Panda/Koala retail investor in SGX.

When banks are sick then STI is dead! When STI is dead; then we have TemaSick to put them into sick bay to recover from COVID-19.

Why scare?

GE is near!