When you first bought your rental unit, it was all so simple: it’s a few hundred metres from the MRT, in a central location, and working expatriates would be lining up to rent. But then reality sinks in:

You’re losing money even when there’s no vacancies. Or you’re fetching far less, after costs, than a unit 200 square feet bigger than yours. Or maybe you thought you’d get working expatriates, but all of them complain it’s cramped, and all you’re getting are transient student tenants.


Well barring other fundamentals like location and amenities, it comes down to size; a much-overlooked factor among newer landlords. In this article, Stacked gives you a more in-depth consideration of unit size when renting out:

Key considerations in picking the right size rental unit:

Look at the lay-out, not just the square footageKnow your tenant demographicBear in mind the overall cost to the