I did a Syfe REIT+ (100%) Review and decided to open an account. As I was preparing to import the transactions into StocksCafe for tracking over the weekends, I realized an annoying thing when I copy and pasted them into an excel – it is not properly formatted to be displayed in tabular manner -.-

Copy the transactions out
Paste into excel

My thoughts – TMD and spent about 15 minutes to code out a Python script to parse and output those transactions into a csv. Regardless if you are using StocksCafe or your own spreadsheet for tracking, you should find it useful.

Firstly, download this script (syfe_parser.py) and save it whenever you want.

Next, copy and paste the transactions and save it as ‘transactions.txt’ (I hardcoded it, you can modify it if you know how to) in the same place you kept the script.

Last but not least, just run/execute the script (python syfe_parser.py) and