Our national carrier is in trouble. The devastating COVID-19 pandemic had decapacitated its fleets, resulting in SIA recording a full-year net loss of $212 million. This is the first ever full-year financial loss in the course of the carrier’s 48 years of operating history. Against this backdrop, all hell break loose for SIA share price. The announcement of the financial result also coincided with the recent mega rights exercise. These factors combined to cause SIA share price to roil to no end.

SIA share price in darkest chapter

SIA share price faces brutal meltdown

SIA share price to rock or melt with Special Share?

SIA share price crashed into wall

SIA share price nearing 20-year low

SIA share price in crisis mode

In my humble opinion, the trouble for SIA share price is not in the rights issue itself but rather the pricing of the rights.