I was still singing praises and being grateful for how nice, peaceful, organised and discipline my work-from-home lifestyle is just two weeks ago and then life started to bitch slap me right after.

Today marks the 15th day I haven’t step out of my house. I wouldn’t lie to say I wasn’t shocked by this but given my introverted, homebody, probably even reclusive personality, it’s not exactly surprising I’m still coping really well, if not for the hectic life with only 2-4 hours of sleep for the past week, not even on weekends :(
To be fair, it’s isn’t just the bump in workload towards the end of May. There’s also mixed factors of personal commitments, unexpected responsibilities, procrastination, things I rather do and a large swing between ‘ultra-focused and spent long hours throughout the night analysing and optimising stuff’ and ‘because of that I didn’t get to rest much and now I’m having a terrible headache and can’t really focus’.