Choosing the right Binary Option broker to trade with can often mean the difference between riches of unimaginable amounts by trading profitably or losing it all to an unscrupulous broker. In recent years, there has a been a fair bit of flak in the binary options market around the world, caused by unregulated and unethical brokers who either game their platforms or downright swindle money off their investors.

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Amidst all this, it is refreshing indeed to see note that a few companies have managed to rise above the furore in the binary options trading industry. HighLow Markets is owned and managed by a registered Australian holding company called HighLow Markets Ltd. HighLow is one of today’s leading binary options broker provider in Australia.

With Sydney, Australia as its corporate headquarters, HighLow Markets is one of the few binary option brokers with a huge following around the world. Incorporated in 2010, HighLow has since