I had a couple of great questions from readers the past week:

Hi FH, thanks for sharing. Would like to check with you recently markets are charging and stock price shooting up. Do you see this as a V shaped recovery?

Or, especially for SG stocks is this a temporary euphoria due to end of CB, but it may be dampened soon as the market will realise it’s overly optimistic about the restart similar to Chinas reopening.

Thanks for the great article. Would like to get your views on the unprecedented levels of government aid (achieved in days, what took months to achieve during the GFC – probably good timing due to upcoming elections) globally and if there will be a meaningful impact on LT earnings. While the key aim is to keep companies and workers afloat, it seems likely that these low-interest government loans and/or equity injections may lead to an extended period of earnings growth and a bull run, similar to what we’ve seen in the past decade