DBS (D05.SI) is the largest bank by assets in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific.
Formerly known as The Development Bank of Singapore Limited, it was set up by the Singapore Government in 1968 to finance Singapore’s industrial activities.
It went public in that same year (1968) for an IPO price of SGD 1.00 per share*.

On 31 December 2019, it had a market capitalisation of USD 49.27 billion.

If You Invested in DBS at its IPO

An investment of $1,000 would have gotten you 1,000 DBS shares.
On 31 December 2019, your shares would be worth $25,880 (excluding dividends).
Over 52 years, the shares grew at a compounding rate of 6.5% per year
The returns would be even better if we factor in dividends.

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If You Invested in DBS on 2 Jan 2000

However, we weren’t able to find any historical price data about DBS after it IPO-ed.
We were only able to find data on DBS from the year 2000 onwards.
So we will do another comparison again from the year 2000 as the starting date.