Here we are half way through 2020, time definitely flies huh? I have been binge watching shows lately hence the lack of new posts. Considering that I had been having challenges on changing employer even before my current, a career switch maybe necessary so I have been investing my time on learning too.

I did update my thoughts on ComfortDelgro and Silverlake Axis though, somehow it didn’t show up on feeds. Linked it in case anyone is interested.

Going over my portfolio…

For SGX listed equities:
  • Averaged down on Silverlake Axis at $0.255

  • Averaged down on CMT in my CPF at $2.06

  • Averaged down on CCT at $1.76

Singapore will soon move into Phase 2 so that might return some confidence in REITs. I was really hoping that the government will do so only when there is consistent 0 cases.

For US listed equities:

  • Sold FaceBook at $213

  • Sold Kraft Heinz at $30.65

  • Sold Twitter at $31.80

I thought I was a bit smart to cash in all my winning positions